Gallery Categories

  • Flowers carry enormous symbolism, provide soothing sympathy, and are an integral part of many of life’s ceremonies.

  • Landscapes are a witnessing of nature relative to place, time, and space in sync to form harmony, beauty, peace, and awe.

  • Each of us has witnessed a sunset that left us breathless and wanting to take the moment home.

  • The theme of this gallery is water in the form of oceans, beaches, and waterfalls, and its power to create awesome, natural renderings of splendor and beauty.

  • These images portray the cultural characteristics of various groups as defined by language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, art, dress, and dance.

  • My wildlife gallery represents the beauty and majesty with which we coexist and have a responsibility for protecting in every way possible.

ed valeau photographer

Edward J. Valeau, Photographer

“Inspiring the world one image at a time.“

Dr. Edward Valeau is a photographer, entrepreneur, former College CEO, English teacher, Fulbright Scholar (India and Nepal), and an American Council on Education Fellow. As an international traveler, he is an author and co-author of several books and chapters on international education that is highly referenced and used in various colleges and universities across the country.

Based in San Francisco, the City by the Bay, Ed has traveled around the globe to capture images that reflect nature's beauty, the human diaspora defined by cultural connections, man’s construction, splendors of wildlife, and landscapes. Ed’s photographic portfolio reflects the four corners of the globe. Each of his photographs invites the viewer to reflect on the energy and rhythms of all life that inhabits the planet. Ed constantly strives to capture images that educate, inspire, motivate, and reflect. As an educator and humanitarian, Dr. Valeau believes that it is his responsibility to “help those who are helping others.” Thus, a portion of the proceeds generated from sales will be donated to selected nonprofit organizations around the world.