Cultural Gallery

We are united in the human diaspora by many cultural identities. We are distinct and separate from one another by our values, interpretations of them, our use of symbols, rituals, and religious practices. The images in this gallery, like all of them on this site, was taken through my journey to many countries, states, cities, towns, and villages around the globe to experience people in their time, place, and space here on earth. I am immensely enriched by these experiences. I have surmised that we are a unique species that is awesome, beautiful, precious, and dynamic in each of our own special ways.

“I don’t take the photograph. The photograph takes me.” - Henri Cartier-- Bresson

Images in this gallery show patterns of behavior defined by the presence of people interacting and living in their space and time. They mirror all of humanity which contributes to our sameness though we all behave differently. These images portray the cultural characteristics of various groups as defined by language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, art, dress, and dance.

Alaskan Totem Pole

Image ID: C-aa7ks6

Brazilian Mujeres

Image ID: C-srq6av


Image ID: C-wrm5hy

Cubana Grandma

Image ID: C-8v4p7f

Family of Women

Image ID: C-p3huf7


Image ID: C-cpej6w


Image ID: C-w2k75r

Indian Rock Painting

Image ID: C-4c2g89

Masai Bride

Image ID: C-4r995j

Masai Wife

Image ID: C-yk72r6

Masai Chief

Image ID: C-2r523v


Image ID: C-f83upc

The Herder

Image ID: C-98hf9d

Woman With Headdress

Image ID: C-c478zt

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