Landscapes Gallery

Landscapes are representatives of the earthly elements of our universe in varied locations, forms, and shapes. They unite through the movement of color and light to create a picture that, when photographed, can calm, inspire, or motivate a person. Images in this gallery, created through my travels to various corners of the globe, embody a living synthesis of place, time, space, and in some cases, living beings.

“I favor a picture which arrives at its destination without the evidence of a trying journey rather than one which shows the mark of a battle.” - Charles Sheller

The landscapes in this gallery are a compilation of some of the photos representing what my eyes have seen. In truth, they are a witnessing of nature relative to place, time, and space in sync to form harmony, beauty, peace, and awe. Characteristically, the images are intended to be picturesque and scenic. They unveil a combination of lakes, seascapes, trees, ancient architecture, and modern bridges.

Bay Bridge At Dawn

Image ID: L-awuj3r

Clear View

Image ID: L-7y5jgw

Glacial Lake Front View

Image ID: L-vk5qrc

Lone Fir

Image ID: L-wb5s5d

Macchu Picchu Ruins

Image ID: L-6983se

Mirror View

Image ID: L-7e8zb2

Naked Ash Beauty

Image ID: L-c5fhms

Painted Oak Tree

Image ID: L-urd2g3


Image ID: L-kb3b67

Red Palace

Image ID: L-kb3b67

Ruins of Vesuvius

Image ID: L-39dz64

San Francisco Bridge Evening View

Image ID: L-6nhaa6


Image ID: L-6qvw2z

Sunrise on Water

Image ID: L-8r76yq

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