Ocean/Beach Gallery

Water, unlike any other element in the world, finds its way around, through, over, in between, and down any other form on earth. Whatever it encounters, whether for a short or long period of time, it will alter that landscape into a new shape, thus remolding it into something new. Such is the power of water which forms three fourths of the earth’s surface.
“Water is the driving force in nature.” - Leonardo da Vinci

The theme of this gallery is water in the form of oceans, beaches, and waterfalls, and its power to create awesome, natural renderings of splendor and beauty. Taken from around the world, some of the renderings exist from the coast of Big Sur in Monterey County, to the islands of Hawaii, to the famous Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda, and to the isles of Capri in Italy. No matter where the image comes from, its common link is water which flows.

A Soft Cove

Image ID: OB-a58zqnp

Big Sur

Image ID: OB-e6mwer


Image ID: OB-u8r43q

Rock Steady

Image ID: OB-2dxz84

The Triad

Image ID: OB-4m438u

Three Brothers

Image ID: OB-bb4v24

Tobacco Beach

Image ID: OB-dk5z3t

Top Hat

Image ID: OB-xcd64u


Image ID: OB-5f7adg

Whale Rock

Image ID: OB-c37yq2

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