Sunsets Gallery

Simply stated, sunsets are that time in the evening anywhere in the world when the sun descends through the sky towards the horizon, disappears, and daylight starts to emerge. In this cycle, the color of the sun changes as its light moves through the atmosphere where small particles of dust exist. In the process, the dance begins and casts off to the naked eye a rainbow of colors radiating in the sky. The images presented here are a reflection of my viewing of sunsets in various locations around the world.
“A hundredth of a second here, a hundredth of a second there—even if you put them end to end they still only add up to one, two, perhaps three seconds snatched from eternity.” - Robert Doisneau

Each of us has witnessed a sunset that left us breathless and wanting to take the moment home. I have felt that about every one of the images in this gallery and hope that if you missed yours, you might find joy in the ones presented here.


Image ID: S-skm9m9

A Tahiti Sunset

Image ID: S-gw7348

Baltic Sunset

Image ID: S-sk5ggm


Image ID: S-vnkr4n

Going Down

Image ID: S-xhjq5z

Golden Sun

Image ID: S-ssh858

Mysterious Moon

Image ID: S-4np4cd


Image ID: S-d2s2ta

Slowing Down

Image ID: S-wsj4vk

Zanzibar Sunset

Image ID: S-4dm4nj

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